SITREP received from 'Delta',  Tuesday morning.  

Just enough time for a bullet point sit rep
* national guard sent out to control looters is unarmed, we organized an armed watch in the community after the chief of district nine informed us organized looters were hitting homes up salmon creek WHILE the fire crews were trying to save homes, they invaded several homes while home owners were present dressed as fire fighters, national guard saw us on armed patrol and said it reassured them since all they had were radios. . 
* start getting in shape, as the days wear on and the stress, effort and lack of sleep mount, many are starting to break down, it's time to start pushing steel.
* home defense is real, and is not easy, secure your property.
* a lot of us have multiple firearms, we need to talk about the best way to secure those weapons while bugging out.
* having money in the safe was key, I have no idea where we would be without cash. Get some stashed.
* law enforcement is as tired as everyone else, they do not want to deal with crap right now so don't give them any.
* have a hygiene plan - it's hot, you are working hard and chafe is not comfortable 
* be ready to help you neighbors and the older folks around your community, this is good for you and helps you organize.
* read scripture, it helps every time I do it, every time.
* keep things organized, you will be moving around a lot, things will get scattered.
Hope all is well, thanks again for everything!
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