Fires across Washington State are leaving citizens without services and multiple towns have either evacuated or in the process of evacuating.  Many citizens are left with no communications to notify loved ones of their status, or to inquire on the status of others.  I’ve spoken with AmRRON operators in the affected area and they describe a worst-case scenario.

We will be on 7.242 LSB (Voice) until futher notice.  Thank you for those of you who have been covering the frequency.  We’ll be on the road and out of comms until approximately 2330hrs Pacific. -JJS

Updates to follow, and you’ll also be able to follow us on Twitter  @amrroncorps

Here’s the first (of several) first-hand accounts I’ve received from on the ground(LATEST UPDATES ON TOP):

08/22/2015 1515Z:

Update from an AmRRON member – This photo, taken last evening (Friday), was received from John Jacob this morning over HF radio.  This morning there was fire burning within the Conconully town limits, but it was contained.  The AmRRON guys are doing okay and the weather forecast is for diminishing winds today…




This is [amrron code name] from conconully – and yes I can report from directly from the epicenter of events. We have every domino falling all preppers talk about. We have disorganized government response, power poles are burned to the ground, cell communication antenna centers gone, fire blocking escape routs, thousands of people who overnight have become refugees – no direct deposit electricity running water ATM nothing. Here is the kicker, law enforcement  is running from one crisis to the next and 911 is down (there is an alternate number nobody knows) and now there are looters prowling cars of evacuees and people in hotels are going in shifts to patrol the parking lot armed to protect what valuables people escaped with.

If you want to talk my cell number is 509-xxx-xxxx and my name is xxxxxxxx