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Welcome to the T-REX NEWS page.  This is where national and world news reports will be posted as part of the build-up to the T-REX 2015 grid down exercise, on August 7th, 8th, and 9th.

All T-REX news reports are in chronological order as received, with the most recent update on top.

The following news stories are fabricated to add realism to the scenario.  Any T-REX News posting in this page representing real world developments are purely coincidental.  All news, intelligence, messages, or reports associated with the T-REX 2015 exercise will be preceded with ‘EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE’  and will normally follow with ‘This is only a training exercise’.

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AmCON Level 1. Power outages and massive cell phone service disruptions reported NATION WIDE. No further updates will be posted on Headline News page. Implement the S.O.I. net schedule as protocol for AmCON 1

Once AmCON 1 is activated, the S.O.I. will be implemented!

Friday 4:40am PDT, 7 Aug:
Reports of several power failures now in much of the country.  Scattered
reports of citizens fleeing Organized Criminal Gang (OCG) controlled
areas.  Gangs pursuing and overtaking vulnerable evacuees attempting to
leave the cities.  Heavily armed and organized criminal elements engaged
in firefights with National Guard, Police and citizens.
Friday 3:15am PDT, 7 Aug:
Reports of brownouts, explosions, gunfire, and general rioting coming in
from dozens of cities, mostly on the eastern seaboard, the Pacific
Northwest, California, Arizona and Texas.  Organized Criminal Gangs
(OCG) have taken over news agencies in the metro Seattle, New York,
Houston and Phoenix areas, claiming operational control of those
regions.  Warnings are issued to citizens to join them or face
consequences.  Enforcement of orders given to surrender all food and
weapons to the organized criminal elements.  Citizens are promised food
as reward for joining them.
Thursday 9:15pm PDT, 6 Aug:
Action paralysis is apparent among most local and county governments.
Many sheriffs vow to protect their citizens, but have limited manpower.
 Sheriffs asking for volunteers to form posses.  Some sheriffs are
asking local militias and state guard for assistance, but very localized
Thursday 4:30pm PDT, 6 Aug:
Reports of violent Organized Criminal Gang (OCG) activity increases and
becomes more widespread.  OCGs seizing stores and other ‘supply’ points.
 Expansion into suburban neighborhoods with multiple firefights reported
between citizens and gangs.
POSTED: THURS 20150806 1900Z
Thursday 12:00pm PDT, 6 Aug:
Gangs organize and join forces.  Estimates are that four very large
gangs have formed from Olympia to Bellingham.  Similar gang coalitions
are formed in the New York boroughs.  Police and any other perceived
authority are openly attacked.  Very little presence of Law Enforcement
or National guard.  Multiple prison and jail breaks.
POSTED: THURS 20150806 1630Z
FLASH MESSAGE:Thursday 9:30am PDT, 6 Aug:
The president appears on national TV and, at the advice of DHS, orders
an immediate nation-wide shutdown of all long-haul, short-haul and local
delivery trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000lbs or
having 3 or more axles.  Furthermore all railroads are ordered to shut
down all routes which pass within the city limits of any city having a
population greater than 100,000.  He acknowledges the disruption this
will cause to the timely delivery of goods to market, but he makes an
assurance that federal, state and local agencies will provide relief in
a timely manner, and these necessary transportation restrictions will be
eased as soon as the threat subsides.
POSTED: THURS 20150806 1545Z
FLASH MESSAGE: Thursday 8:40am PDT, 6 Aug:
A large bomb detonation occurred on the Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge on
US Route 93 near the Hoover Dam.  The center span was destroyed causing
the bridge to collapse into the Colorado River.  Eyewitnesses stated
they observed a white semi-trailer truck abruptly stop in the middle of
the span and then detonate.
POSTED: THURS 20150806 1525Z
FLASH MESSAGE:Thursday 8:25am PDT, 6 Aug:
Bomb detonations occurred in the downtown areas of several US cities,
all within the span of 10 minutes of 11am EDT.  Cities include New York
City, Baltimore, Cleveland, Charlotte, Houston, Kansas City, Denver,
Phoenix, San Diego and Sacramento.  Number of casualties is unknown but
is expected to be high.  Eyewitnesses in several cities stated it
appeared to be a delivery truck stopped in a busy intersection which
POSTED: WED 20150804 0600Z
Wednesday 11:15pm PDT, 5 Aug:
Localized but intense rioting reported in the urban centers of Seattle,
Portland, Oakland, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Atlanta
and Miami.  Many of the masked rioters are noted to be wearing identical
red or black shirts.  Many others appear to be members of Organized
Criminal Gangs (OCG).
POSTED: WED 20150805 1930Z
Wednesday 12:30pm PDT, 5 Aug:
DHS changes the Terror-Alert Status level from High (orange) to Severe
(red), citing “credible intelligence” of unspecified but potentially
imminent attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) “against
members of the military, law enforcement, the U.S. Government and the
American public”.  The alert stated this attack may be a destabilizing
action to take advantage of the current global financial crisis.
POSTED: WED 20150805 1300Z
Wednesday 6:00am PDT, 5 Aug:
Global stock markets remain closed again today.  Bank holidays are
declared in Italy and Portugal.  Cuba announces it is ready to deploy
troops to Puerto Rico to aid in restoring peace.
POSTED: TUES 20150804 2315
Tuesday 4:15pm PDT, 4 Aug:
DHS changes the Terror-Alert Status level from Elevated (yellow) to High
(orange), citing a marked increase in communications traffic among
undisclosed terrorist organizations.  Puerto Rico Governor Padilla
appears unexpectedly on live TV from the CBC News studio in Toronto.  In
the interview, he makes a plea to his people for peace.  He has also
asked for military aid from the US Coast Guard currently stationed at
the former Ramey Air Force Base.
POSTED: TUES 20150804 1730Z
Tuesday 10:30am PDT, 4 Aug:
In San Juan, Puerto Rico, protests become increasingly violent.
Store fronts are smashed and fires break out throughout the city.
Hundreds of State Guard troops desert.  Those who remain in San Juan are
openly challenged by the rioters.
POSTED: TUES 20150804 1300Z
Tuesday 6:00am PDT, 4 Aug:
Global stock markets remain closed today.  Reports of very long lines at
banks and ATMs in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Caribbean neighborhoods on
the east coast of the U.S.
POSTED: MON 20150803 2000Z
The Puerto Rico government announces the details of their debt
restructuring plan, which includes various austerity measures and a
“bail-in” strategy involving the expropriation of funds from bank
deposits and pensions.
POSTED: MON 20150803 0430Z
Sunday late night in U.S., 2 Aug (Monday morning in Europe):
European markets announce they will not open today.  Other markets,
including the Dow and Nasdaq quickly follow suit.
Sunday night in U.S., 2 Aug (Monday morning in China):
In the China Stock Market, the Shanghai Composite Index drops 65% within
the first 30 minutes of the Market’s Monday morning opening.  Trading is
immediately halted for the day.  In Japan, the Nikkei Index loses 45% of
its value before trading is halted.
POSTED: SUN 20150802 2110Z
Sunday morning, 2 Aug: Reports of panic buying and scattered looting are reported in the Puerto Rico capital of San Juan.
Sunday afternoon, 2 Aug:
Reports of widespread looting in the upscale San Juan neighborhoods of
Miramar and Condado.   Governor Padilla orders the Puerto Rico State
Guard into San Juan to restore order.  Troops are seen arriving in San
Juan within 30 minutes of the order.  An 8pm to 6am city-wide curfew is
imposed effective immediately.
Saturday, 1 Aug
(RFR) The government of Puerto Rico announced this morning all banks will be
closed on Monday until further notice in order to conduct “an orderly restructuring of its $73 billion in debt”.  It reassures all Puerto Ricans that “planned and simple” measures will have little impact on most and urges everyone to carry on with business as usual.