We are excited to announce the release of the AmCON Notification System Mobile App! The ability to send out INSTANT alerts and AmCON notifications to the AmRRON Network is an invaluable tool!

Below you will find the two Download Instruction options,  AmCON Mobile App Zip File, Identification Guide and the FAQ documents (PDF).

We will be sending out test alerts weekly through the month of June to demonstrate the app, and then we will conduct AmCON system tests once a month.

The app is available ONLY for Android at this time.  We are working double time to get the app functional on Apple devices.

Note: This app does not store any personal or location information.  The ONLY information that appears is the carrier (Verizon, Sprint, etc.) and the model (LG3442, etc.).

The app is still in the beginning stages and there will be more updates, improvements and added features.
AmRRON CORPS MEMBERS: This app does not apply since you have access to the AmRRON Corps App available on the AmRRON Corps website .



Please Read First

App Download Options:
AmRRON APP Download Instructions via Computer USB Install Option

AmRRON APP Download Instructions via Phone Option
AmRRON App Zip File

Identification Guide for the AmRRON Mobile App
The AmCON Notification application for mobile devices contains several image and audio files for varying purposes, to include regularly-scheduled testing, emergency training exercises, and real-world disaster communications notifications. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with these so you will recognize them when you see them. A notification may be sent with only an image banner, or an accompanying pre-recorded audio file, or both.


Additional Information:

Andriod 4.0 or newer necessary to install the app

The instructions and/or audio file will play when you open the notification.

Once you open a notification, it goes away after you close the app, and you can’t go back to read it again.

We’re working on an archival system so you can review previous notifications.

Audio File Example Below:

First AmCON Test Notification was sent on 06/08/2015 See Below:

first amrron notification2