Welcome to Partisan Radio Volume 6!

In this episode:  Email PERSEC, IARU EComms PDF, TERMN-8R Review and a Digital Exercise!

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Remember! T-REX 2015 Training Exercise dates: August 7th-9th! Mark your calendars!


Resource Links:

TERMN-8R Radio: Third Party Review and Walk through (video)
AmRRON Net Schedule Calendar (check the net dates!)
Young Radio Ham Net April 5
NBTC ‘must have power to allocate frequencies’
Celebrating 400 Years of Sunspot Observations
The Northern Nevada Preppers Group
TAPRN Net Schedule
AmRRON Net Schedule Calendar (check the net dates!)
How To Tune In Pirate Radio Broadcasts on Shortwave
Voice of America ‘Radiogram’ digital messages

The VOA Image that was part of the Partisan Radio training exercise at the end of Volume 6 is below.  Yours should be approximately the same quality.  If your decode turns out at a lesser quality, you may be over-modulating the audio.  Turn the volume down to about half and try it again.  The picture appears to be an arm, with a bird held in one’s hand.