Emergency Communication Resource:

The IARU Emergency Telecommunications Guide as an academic study tool to show how other groups may be operating during an emergency.   This document could assist in interacting with other emergency comms groups,  such as ARES/RACES since they most likely would be following this plan.   There are also some great points and helpful tips throughout the document.  NOTE:  This is not the Ecomm plan that AmRRON follows or will be following during an emergency.    AmRRON members are encouraged to follow the Communications S.O.I.  to increase the odds of being able to connect with like-minded patriots in the event of conventional communications disruption and for authenticating those contacts on the air.



IARU Emergency Telecommunications Guide- Use of this Training Guide
This emergency telecommunications guide was developed to provide the IARU member-societies with materials suitable for training their members to participate in emergency events. It is also designed to provide guidance to the individual amateur radio operator who has little or no experience in handling emergency communications but desires to enhance their ability to participate in such events or to simply have a better understanding of the process.  IARU member-societies are encouraged to distribute this guide among its membership and, if necessary, to provide a translation into a language used within their own country.  This guide can also be used in conjunction with other training materials by leaders within the emergency communication community to train radio operators in the basic theory and practice of handling emergency telecommunications traffic.

IARU Emergency Telecommunications Guide PDF

John Jacob Schmidt