2014 has been an amazing year for AmRRON!
We have seen so much growth including our practice nets!
We are making a few changes to the practice nets for 2015.


The biggest change, will be how the Net Word of the Week is shared

As of 01/07/15, the NWOTW & Authentication Number will ONLY be provided during the 20m National Nets.

Using a single source, we can identify the gaps in the network.  If you are a Net Control Station,  you will be responsible for obtaining the NWOTW & Authentication Number using non-conventional communications.  If you do not have a NWOTW or Authentication Number,  you will conduct your net without that information.

Also, there will no longer be a separate Authentication Number for Voice & Digital.  There will be one NWOTW and one Authentication Number announced every two weeks during the National 20m Nets.

Note: If you have weekly nets, you can ensure everyone has the most recent NWOTW & Authentication Number from the previous national nets.  You could also discuss prepper tips, communications tips, this-day-in-history, or discuss a digital practical exercise from the most recent RFR episode.

The Net Control report forms have been updated with a NWOTW & Authentication Number fields.  With the addition of these fields, we can determine how far the Net Word of the Week & Authentication Number is spread across the AmRRON Network.


A few more updates for 2015:

New! Scheduled Nets Calendar– Great tool to see all the nets at a glance!
Reoccurring events are now scheduled based on the week starting on Wednesday. This is the best way to align local nets on the same week as the AmRRON National Nets.

New! Net Check In Form-
Use this form if you are unable to check into the nets (Monitoring via shortwave, do not have your ham license or NCS did not copy you).

Thank you, to the Net Control Operators, everyone checking in and to the AmRRON members that have helped get tools in place to improve the nets!