Did you know Santa is a ham radio operator?

What a great, and fun, way to introduce the kids and grandkids to the world of ham radio.

Santa Claus will be on the airwaves Dec 23rd and Dec 24th- This net was established over 35 years ago by W1KCY(SK) and allows children of all ages world wide to talk to Santa Claus via amateur radio. Click HERE for times and frequencies!


Dec 23 & 24th
1900 UTC to 01000 UTC each day

                            Frequency Range: 20 meter -14.305 – 14.325
Check with the Maritime Mobile Service Net on 14300 MHz or PBC Skywarn Twitter Tweet Feed on home page for the actual  Santa Claus operating frequency.

Frequency may change hour to hour due to availability and band conditions. 

                           2014 Santa Net NCS Sked                         

Click on call sign for QRZ station, QTH & bearing (Beam heading) information.

You can log into QRZ.com for QTH & bearing information.

  Time: EST     UTC     Dec 23rd  Dec 24th
2:00 PM 1900 hrs. KA4KSB          KA4KSB
3:00 PM 2000 hrs. AA4EE AA4EE
4:00 PM 2100 hrs. AA4EE AC8AL
5:00 PM 2200 hrs.  K0IBM AA4EE
6:00 PM 2300 hrs. WX4PBC WX4PBC 
7:00 PM 0000 hrs. WX4PBC AA4EE