New training opportunity!  Send and receive images using fldigi. Tips: – Open your fldigi program and click mouse at 1200 on the waterfall – Set your RxID and TxID buttons to ‘On’ (should be green) – Click ‘Play’ below (be sure you can capture the audio with either an audio patch cable, external microphone, or whatever setup you normally use to received digital messages)

To learn more about how you can send images, go to:

Each image you receive is stored in fldigi.  Below is the file path for locating received images (Windows 7):


2nd Test Message:

Below is a second test message, beginning with MT-631kL, then switching to MFSK-16 (image file).  Only a partial image file will be transmitted to see if your fldigi auto-switches to the MFSK-16 mode.  It will be interrupted with a transmission in MT-631kL to see if it will switch back.  If it does not, then check your audio settings (too loud will distort the data, too low may not be read 100%).  In either case, data could be lost and the fldigi program may not auto-switch modes.  Secondly, check your squelch settings in the lower right-hand corner of your fldigi window.  Make sure the ‘SQL’ button is turned on (green/yellow).  Also, don’t forget to turn your RxID and TxID buttons on (green)