The following article is from the, posted by Sam Culper.  The Ferguson Riots provided a broad spectrum, real-world training situation and environment for AmRRON and the Forward Observer ACE (Analysis and Control Element).  The ACE is the team of intelligence collectors and analysts who take in all intelligence, news, and information about a developing situation and make it useable — by leadership, planners, and support and operational elements.  In this report, Sam broke it down and in the end laid out just what it all means — to the protesters, the authorities, and the citizen.

AmRRON’s role in the Ferguson situation was merely an ‘observe and report’ one.  Strictly monitoring.  An AAR (After Action Report) is forthcoming in the next few days, describing the mission, the PIRs (Priority Intelligence Requirements), observations, and lessons learned.  Great training!



Well, we’ve wrapped up most of the intelligence activity from Urban Charger, our effort to battle track the Ferguson riots. We had a great group of guys involved at all levels; from OSINT and COMINT collection and reporting on the front side to the intelligence analysis on the back side.  In all, we had eight guys staffing the Analysis & Control Element (ACE), which included intelligence collection.  That number doesn’t include local sources of intelligence information or the many AmRRON collectors also feeding information into the ACE.  Every single one of the intelligence collectors and analysts were volunteers.  As you’ll learn later on (and in Tuesday’s FO Podcast), they all took something away from this Operation.  They’ll all be better able to conduct Intelligence operations as a result of their work here.

There were a LOT of Lessons Learned, and we hope this report embodies everything that we could put into words.  Had this event been local to our areas, we could have broadcast numerous and continuous early warning reports to the community.  Because of the volunteer nature of the work and the time constraints, however, this report is being finalized up to a week after the event in order to give enough time for all participants to include their analysis and feedback.

This report will be broken up into the following four sections: Observations, Lessons Learned, Pre-Event Analysis, and Raw Data.  This information is compiled from raw data produced by the ACE.  (The Observations section does not include all collected information.)

Operation URBAN CHARGER Intelligence Report


In the lead up to the decision, ACE participants published Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR) and supporting Intelligence Requirements (IR), as well as an Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) product.  (Three snapshots of the IPB Product follow.  This is a very small percentage of the information contained in the IPB product, but gives you some great situational awareness of the area.)

One point to make about the IPB: very little of the violence was perpetrated by those who lived in Ferguson.  The third item shows the crime statistics for the area: the fact of the matter is that Ferguson produces average crime rates.  Out-of-area rioters (from Jennings and other places) are very likely responsible for most of the violence that occurred in Ferguson.  I don’t know why no one else is picking up on that, because it’s one of the greatest pieces of Intelligence in the whole situation.

Read the full report, including Lessons Learned, Pre-Event Collection and Analysis, and more, at