We’ve tracked it down!  There was a gremlin file in my flmsg media library on the website.  The old test file that we used, ending in ‘_2014’, didn’t get purged and was still attached to the downloadable SITREP file.  It’s now gone and the new, correct file, which is named ‘AMRRON_SITREP’ is there at the SITREP & SPOT Report page (see link below).

SITREP and SPOT Report page:  https://amrron.com/?p=934

Be sure to purge the old file from your NBEMS Custom folder in your flmsg.  If you can’t remember how to do that, go to the flmsg setup posting at:


Also the digital setup tutorial video that Polly-01 posted at https://amrron.com/2014/11/19/fldigi-tutorial/ is an excellent resource!

You’ll be up and running before you know it, and when you do you’ll realize it’s not a big scary thing after all.  It takes a little perseverance, but not nearly as much as will be required to get through a real-world disaster situation.  Persevere, become resilient, and get your comms up!

Attached is the audio file for you to test with.  It will open if you have everything set up correctly.

God bless!