The following custom AmRRON forms are authorized for use and are designed for sending digital communications using fldigi and flmsg:

Download the forms individually (See ‘Instructions for importing’ below)

 SITREP  (Situation Report)



NOTE: Be sure to delete all previous AmRRON forms from your flmsg program.

Instructions for importing.

Hover your mouse over each hyperlinked file above, and RIGHT CLICK your mouse.

From the dropdown menu, depending on your operating system, select one of the following:

  •      Save Page As
  •      Save Target As
  •      Save Link As

Then select the file path as indicated (below), depending on your operating system:

On XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\NBEMS.files\CUSTOM

On Windows 7, 8 and Vista: C:\Users\<username>\NBEMS.files\CUSTOM

On Linux: /home/<username>/.nbems/custom

On Puppy: /root/.nbems/custom On OS X: /home/<username>/.nbems/custom


Once all three forms are imported into your flmsg ‘Custom’ form folder, open up your flmsg program.  Click on the ‘Form’ tab and place your curser over the ‘Custom’ tab in the dropdown menu.  A menu should appear displaying the custom AmRRON forms available for you to use.  It should appear as in the figure below:


When you click on a form it will open and change the appearance as displayed below.  You can either View Form or Edit Form.  In this example we’ve chosen the AmRRON SITREP.  To produce a report and add information, click on the ‘Edit From’ tab (Shown below):


When the form opens as an html page in your browser, fill it out.  When you have completed the form, click the ‘Submit Form’ button located at the lower left corner of the document (Shown Below)


Now you can go back to your flmsg program and you’ll see that the form and raw data is filled in (See Below).


Next check the digital mode box (Bottom Center box — BPSK500 in this example).  If you are ready to send your message, click ‘AutoSend’ and it will prompt you to save it first.  As soon as you do it will automatically start transmitting (Be sure to have your fldigi program open first). If you wish to send the message later, click ‘Save’ from the File menu.  It should automatically select the correct file path, which should look like:


Later, when you’re ready to send your message form, click ‘Open’ from the ‘File’  menu.

Additional instructions can be found in the AmRRON Forms PDF instruction guide

A great tutorial for getting your fldigi and flmsg set up is at: