For those of you who are new to AmRRON, one of the components of communications we’ve recently increased emphasis on is SIGINT.  It’s a military acronym for SIGnals INTelligence, meaning the monitoring and tracking of radio communications to stay informed of a situation.  That of course, is the oversimplified explanation.

The Missouri Grand Jury is expected to release it’s decision on whether or not to recommend criminal charges against Officer Wilson in the next week or so.  The aftermath of the decision, especially if the officer is acquitted, has a high probability of including violent protests and, at a minimum, civil unrest in and around the St. Louis and Ferguson areas.

The Missouri Governor has already announced that any violence will be swiftly dealt with by as many as 1000 law enforcement officers, as well as National Guard assets which will be standing by.  This may provide a real-world SIGINT training opportunity for patriot/preparedness-minded citizens with an interest in communications.  For some patriots (including Redoubters and AmRRON operators) living and/or working in the greater St. Louis area, this may even become more than just a ‘training’ exercise.

If civil unrest ensues, expect conventional communications to be disrupted intentionally (by authorities) or consequentially (sabotage, fire, or systemic overload).

As AmRRON operators, you should be preparing your stations to monitor ARES/RACES traffic, as well as scanner traffic, and military radio traffic.

Below are the frequencies for the Missouri National Guard.


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