Another great opportunity for SIGINT I/C (Intercept/Collection) training coming up at the end of October.


MARS = Military Auxiliary Radio System

ARES = Amateur Radio Emergency Service

MARS_warradioImagine a nationwide disaster situation where communications are disrupted.  It could be a cyber attack on our communications infrastructure or our commercial power grid.  There will be folks in the military, government, and non-government agencies scrambling to coordinate help, share information, news, and intelligence, and working to respond with aid and relief.  The benefits to your family, group, and community in having timely information are abundant.  This is a chance for you to practice monitoring and receiving these communications so you can have the advantage of early warning of danger, and up-to-the-minute status reports on the progress of aid and relief efforts.

On October 27th through 28th, the military’s MARS program will be conducting an exercise to test the MARS-ARES interoperability in a 48-hour communications exercise in order to prepare for a real-world disaster situation involving civilian amateur radio operators and military communications operators.  This is a great program that has been around for a long time.

To learn more about the exercise, click here:

There is another possibility… what if our nations back-up communications were commandeered, captured, or coerced into serving an invading foreign government, or some other tyrannous regime?  AmRRON would be joining the many other communicators among the American Patriots in monitoring those communications to keep you and yours informed.  You are part of a nationwide network of eyes and ears — SIGINT collectors who all see and hear things that others cannot.  There are many skills that could potentially be developed from participating in SIGING I/C operations that would be critical in contributing to the fight for freedom and Americanism in the future.  Seize every opportunity to train now!

We will be posting MARS frequencies in the next couple of days to help you get your comms binders, your radios, and your overall stations prepared to begin monitoring, so keep checking back!