You are hours away from your family/group disaster training exercise!

–  You’ll get out of it what you put in to it.  Train like it’s real!  Keep a journal, take pictures, and videos of your experiences.

–  Radio Free Redoubt will be streaming live on Friday for as long as the grid/internet is up

–  We will be conducting AmRRON Radio net’s according to the AmRRON Communications SOI

–  AmRRON Nets implemented whenever we go to AmCON-1 (The highest Communications Readiness Level):

  •      During Training Exercises

  •      During Real-World major disaster situations, war, or widespread regional/national disruptions in conventional communications

–  High probability AmRRON Radio Communications Nets will begin Friday, August 22nd, at 1400hrs ZULU DATE/TIME

–  Listen for messages and take accurate notes:

  •      Message Number Identifiers

  •      Message Content

  •      Time/Date/Locations of message origination

–  On Sunday, fill out the T-Rex quiz to be entered into the drawing for preparedness books and gear

–  Sunday evening, August 24th, tune in to Radio Free Redoubt at 8pm Pacific for the AAR (After Action Review) and drawings.

–  Review your notes, your weekend, and your lessons learned with your family/group sometime within the following week to identify weaknesses, lessons learned, areas to improve, and set goals and prioritized lists to improve.  What expectations did you have?  Did you meet, exceed, or fall short of your expectations for each area?  How can you adjust your expectations, or  adjust the things so they meet your expectations?

–  Send us your experiences and testimonies.  Let us know if you’d agree to be interviewed to talk about your group’s successes, failures, and lessons learned!

– Send us CONSTRUCTIVE feedback on how we can improve future training.  We’re in this together.

Remember, THIS IS TRAINING!  Learn from it.  Any stress or chaos you experienced during this exercise will be magnified many times in a real-world situation.