The following is from a 2m AmRRON Voice Net held on 05 June 2014 in the American Redoubt.  We’re uploading this as just a sampling of how a 2m net might sound.  There were 9 check ins on the 2 meter band.  At about the 15 minute mark, it’s general practice for the operators to break off and attempt to take check-ins on the CH3 nets on FRS, MURS, and CB, and to relay the Net Word Of The Week to the non-ham community.  The net lasts approximately 30 minutes and is semi-formal, yet low key and shouldn’t be intimidating for anyone to jump in and be involved in.  After all, it’s only two nights each month.  Hope this helps give you all a taste of what an AmRRON Net might sound like. 

The 1000MHz tone that you hear periodically throughout the net was placed into the audio file during editing for OPSEC reasons.  First names and the last three characters of the FCC call signs have been ‘bleeped’ out.

The net last approximately 30 minutes, but the dead air has been edited down and due to the file size, is broken down into three audio files, in chronological order.  Any constructive feedback or comments are welcome!  73 -JJS

PS:  It’s better with headphones