This article was written by a mom that decided it was time to get her COMMS UP!

Six months ago, I had no clue about communications.  I had used a “walkie talkie” before and that was about it.  While listening to the Podcasts on Radio Free Redoubt, John Jacob kept stressing the importance of communications and building a network of like-minded, God fearing, liberty loving patriots.  It was time to get a communications plan in place.  First things first, I wanted to get my Ham Technician License.

Ok, “I’m just a mom”, could I really take on this challenge? I started studying by added a study app to my phone and also used the website Ham Test Online.  I was told it takes about ten hours of study time. For me, those ten hours took me about a month with all my other mommy tasks. After passing a handful of the practice exams online, it was time to take the real test.

Our local amateur radio club offers Ham license testing once a month so that is where I took my test.  I was nervous and excited to take the test….. I passed!

Next, I ordered a BaoFeng Hand Held Ham Radio, printed off the Communications S.O.I. and joined the AmRRON net.  I have since started building a network of not only like-minded patriots, but FRIENDS!

I hope this article is encouraging to others to let you know that even if you are “just a mom”, you can get your communications plan in place. Being connected to other AmRRON members has been a blessing and if I find myself in an emergency situation, I am thankful to have that network in place.

When the SHTF, this mom has her COMMS UP!

Note: Moms are AMAZING and the term “just a mom” is used to show that no matter your situation, with some time and effort you can get your ham license and get your communications plan in place.