…now what


The American Redoubt Radio Operators Network (AmRRON) is going through some very explosive growth and we are blessed with the new influx of AmRRON memberships.  So, what does it mean, to be an AmRRON Operator?  In one word – Purpose!

Anyone can become a licensed Amateur Radio operator.  Anyone can go buy a couple bubble-pack FRS radios from their local sporting goods store.  And anyone can form a communications plan for their family, retreat group, or their local ‘tactical’ team.  But when you sign up to be an AmRRON Operator, you’re making a commitment, not only to your immediate group, but to your community – the community of others like you.   You’re signing up to do what you can, within your means, to be part of the backbone of a system intended to keep like-minded patriots and preppers connected.  Not only to share information during a disaster, or national/regional collapse of the economic, political or societal system, but for the rebuilding afterwards.  You are part of a system designed to keep information up the chain, and down the chain, to keep Ham operators connected with the non-Ham communities. laptop ham

Patriots concerned about the future want to be connected with others who share the same concerns and who are also preparing and networking.  Many of them join the ARN (American Redoubt Network).  When they join the ARN, they are saying, “I’m over here!  You’re not alone!  Don’t forget about me!”  They want to be on a list (anonymously) because they know (or hope) that a nearby AmRRON Operator, who is tapped into a flow of information, will be diligently transmitting to his/her community to keep them informed.  They want to know that when they reach the next town, or in 50 miles down the road, they can contact an AmRRON operator there who can forward on to their family 200 miles away that they’re on the way, and they’re safe (or not).  They (we all) want to hear a friendly voice to give us hope that everything is actually going to be okay, because we’re NOT alone.  An AmRRON operator is part of the American Redoubt Network who decided to take things up a notch or two, and commit to keeping the network networking!

We are all counting on you, when you say you want to be an AmRRON operator, to be committed and conduct yourself with a purpose!  We don’t need (nor want) another Ham operator who says “what the heck… sign me up” and then do nothing more to contribute.  You’re issued a call sign, you’re placed on a roster as being in ‘Anytown’ USA, and then you do nothing.  You’ve just wasted everyone’s time and gave someone some false hope that they can tune in on their shortwave or scanner or Baofeng because they’re certain the AmRRON operator in their community will be committed to keeping the community informed, only to never show up when it counts.  Don’t do that!  Just don’t be “that guy” (or gal).

So, what’s expected of an AmRRON operator?  What is everyone counting on?  We’re all counting on you to be proficient with your gear, to grow in your skillsets, and to practice and participate beforehand as well as during/after an ‘event.’  And we’re expecting you to:

A) It is recommended you get a copy of the S.O.I. by John Jacob Schmidt

B) Join or start a local net in your area

C)  Spread the word to your like-minded friends and family what you are doing, and ask them to get involved

D)  Duplicate yourself – Teach ONE other person (who is interested) to do what you do

E)  If you’re in a remote area and joining/starting a net isn’t practical, then get your communication gear out at the same time when every other AmRRON Operator across the country is conducting local/regional/national nets, and go through the motions.   Break out the FRS radios or CBs and conduct a mini-CH3 net with your kids spread out throughout the house or property.  They should be learning how to make a radio call anyway.

E) ‘Black Echo’ Rebroadcasting Stations (Article coming) – set up your station on Sunday afternoons/evenings and pipe Radio Free Redoubt from your laptop through your transmitter across your house and your neighborhood.  Or tune in to the AmRRON HF nets with your shortwave receiver (w/ SSB), or local AmRRON 2m/CH3 nets (if there’s one in your area), using your scanner or Baofeng, and retransmit that.  In a real-world emergency situation when there’s an information blackout, you’ll be able to crank your wattage up and be a lifeline to everyone in your community with an FM radio.

Ham Class

Some local AmRRON nets are forming groups and exchanging emails and phone numbers, and what’s more, they’re meeting once a month!  Experienced Hams are teaching classes for a couple of hours each month to help others become familiar with digital communications, programming their radios, building antennas, etc.  We just need self-motivated and self-starting operators out there.

Print out the practice net schedule from AmRRON.com and implement it, and even if you make contact with no one, you’ll be doing it with hundreds of other AmRRON operators across the country.  You really won’t be alone.  You can send in a net report of your activities HERE.  If you can’t hear anyone, then upgrade to receive HF with a Shortwave Radio w/SSB , and tune in to the AmRRON HF nets.  It’s only for two nights, twice a month!

That’s not too much to ask.  Is it?

Thank you to all the members that have stepped up and joined the network!