As a new Ham Operator, it took me some time to figuring out what items were going to be part of my ‘communications arsenal’.  I recently became an AmRRON Operator and started participating in the Scheduled Nets in my area. I was trying to find a way to keep all my comms equipment handy and also have it ready in a Go-Bag. I headed over to YouTube and found a video posted by an experienced Ham Operator and found my answer!

Check out this this video by USNERDOC showing a very cool Comms Go-Bag.  The video has some great tips including what he has in the bag and ways to stay organized.  I really like the idea of having my equipment all in one bag and ready as a Go-Kit.

Here is my comms bag and the items I have included in mine:

If you are ordering a BaoFeng radio, there is now a BaoFeng BF-F8+ (2nd Gen UV-5R) and also the upgraded Tri-Power model, the BF-F8HP (was not available at the time of this posting).

Thanks,  USNERDOC for the great video!