To get a ham license has never been easier.  The “Technician” license is an entry level license and is a REAL power house for tactical and local voice and data communication (please read the Communication 101 article to know what that means). The license DOES allow the user to talk on the VHF and UHF bands using mobile and Handi Talkies for excellent local coverage, when using ‘repeaters’. Not as well known, is that this same Technician license also allows Morse code on the shortwave (AKA: HF) radio bands.  On these bands, you can literally talk hundreds , even thousands of miles in Morse code. So which do you want to ‘spend’? More MONEY or a little time (30 minutes per day) to learn a new skills.  HINT: Skills once owned, are yours forever.

Please watch the following linked video of two very small (even TINY) radio stations communicating over 800 miles, from remote locations and doing it on a daily basis – that’s reliable!  These radios were built from kits and the NEWEST and tiniest one cost $120 to build, fits into a cargo pants pocket and can use a piece of wire as an antenna and run from solar recharged “AA” batteries. E-Bay is filled with similar “QRP radios”, already built and used for about that same amount. This posting is ONLY an introduction, so please have a look as food-for-thought and I’ll help with more detail in an article I am presently writing.

Video- Tiny Radios +800 Miles Apart 

Remember, the Technician class license is only 35 questions, will allow you to create/access excellent tactical and local voice and data communication and that same license ALSO allows Morse on three very useful shortwave (HF = looooong range) radio bands.  Morse gets through when voice would not. The article that I am writing is soon to explain why this is true and a LOT more.