UPDATE:  I have a few senior AmRRON Operators reviewing the SOI.  We want to make sure any discrepancies are identified and corrected before distribution.  We are planning on making the SOI available for download (in PDF) by this Saturday evening, February 1st.

As some of you know, an SOI (Signals Operating Instructions) has been in the making for quite some time. It was scheduled for release on January 15th. However, with the video production of COMMS UP!, the date for release got pushed back to next week. We’re expecting the release by Saturday, 01 February.

With a special section, ICE (In Case of Emergency) What do I do ?!?!?!

This section will help the communicator in your family or group quickly get on the air and/or begin receiving and sharing information with other patriots, preppers, and Redoubters.

– What frequency do I turn to?

– When do I monitor?

– What do I listen for?

– Who do I talk to?

– What do I say?

– How do I make a radio call?

– How do I know I’m talking to friend or foe?

– How do I report information? What do I report?

As the sub-title states, the Communications SOI is a Quick reference for the communicator. It is designed to assist with AmRRON/TAPRN nets and serve as a guide for patriots, preppers, Redoubters, and others of like-mind to help them communicate in both peacetime, and especially major disaster/grid down situations.

Many resources will be included to help increase your communications capabilities. Before. During. After.

There will be some changes to the communications plan, and it will affect some of the currently-assigned frequencies that are listed in the current communications plan. We’ll make note of those changes on the website, at www.AmRRON.com when those changes take effect.

Partisan Radio OperatorThe Communications SOI will be available as a downloadable PDF file for a mere $1.99

(Special arrangements will be made for the OPSEC-minded operator)

Also, an expanded Communications SOI will be available for Premium AmRRON Members — a program in development that should be operational within the next 10 days (by Feb 01). More information is forthcoming on that.

Thank you all so much for your patience and support! AmRRON/TAPREN, Radio Free Redoubt, and the Redoubt Movement is experiencing explosive growth right now.


-John Jacob Schmidt